Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PX in Virginia

I am just back from my annual pilgrimage home to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and am quite ready to dry out for a bit. The bad news as far as the blog goes is that we pretty much just drink cheap light beer all day long over the Memorial Day Weekend, so not much to report there.

However, I had a lovely experience at PX in Alexandria, VA last Thursday night. PX is a speakeasy above a Fish and Chips shop in Old Town that focuses on customized versions of classic cocktails. The menu seems to have doubled since my first visit last year, but the basics are still the same, lots of housemade ingredients worked into the classics.

I personally found most of the drinks to be sugar heavy (I feel like I have been saying that a lot lately) and I was a bit heart broken when my Manhattan arrived with a bit of a head on it (when will people stop shaking these!). As well, our main server was pretty much disinterested in being there. The positives more than out-weighed these negatives though. The Barman, whose name I did not catch, was dedicated and cheerful. The space was neat and well appointed and the server-in-training that took care of us for the second half of our visit was fine.
Cool ingredients sampled;
Tobacco Syrup
Homemade elderflower liqueur
Homemade sweet vermouth

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