Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Orleans Part 4.5

The Tito Shimmy!
I can't believe I almost for to talk about this.
So, the last stop on Mr. Joe Gendusas Cocktail Tour was the The French 75 bar at Arnoud's. This an absolutely beautiful room in a very grand restaurant with a very cool history and I cannot recommend it enough. Again, the cocktails were a bit a sweet for my liking, but the atmosphere was just the best. The man behind the stick introduced himself to me as Tito (I heard another name being tossed about about as well) and he taught me something I have dubbed the 'Tito Shimmy." As I was on a Sazerac kick, I bucked the French 75 trend. These guys use brandy instead of gin and very little lemon, I know they invented it, but I really don't like this recipe as much as the modern one. I was curious to see if you would use both Angostura and Peychoud's (totally WRONG btw) and he did. I was curious to see if he would over sugar it and he did. I was getting used to these things though and they don't exactly kill the drink. I was very worried about the chilling however. I really hate it when whiskey/bitters type drinks get shaken. It is a total deal breaker for me and Tito was building my drink in the tin rather than a glass...bad sign. Well, rather than killing my cocktail with foam and water, he picked it up with both hands. holding the tin between his palms, then moved them back in forth like he was starting a fire with sticks. He did this fairly rapidly, but I could hear the ice swishing gently, without too much abuse.
The drink looked like a properly stirred cocktail when presented. When I asked him what was up, he said he couldn't find a spoon. I kind of doubt that though. I have been giving it a try with my Sazeracs and I find the move to be an echo of the tradition of spinning the glass in the air to coat it with Absinthe...and that is pretty cool in my book.


erik_flannestad said...

A couple months ago, I wasn't feeling like spending $10 for an afterwork cocktail at Alembic, so decided to stop by Finnegan's Wake for the first time in a long time.

Oddly, the older bartender there used a similar swirling technique to mix a (sadly bitters free) Manhattan.

He also asked me, "Is this for you, or is there someone with you?"

Hint: At Finnegan's Wake anything other than whiskey, whiskey-rocks, or beer is a girly drink.

Neyah White said...


Wow, think I was a victim of the same guy and the same drink back in April. I didn't watch him make it, what I did though was ask him how hard he shook his Manhattan when I ordered. He said he didn't shake them so I thought I was set. I guess the next time I will ask him add extra bitters to to insure they get in there without sounding too picky.

Oh yeah, bitters totally butch-up a drink in my opinion.