Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Orleans Part 2

Our second day in New Orleans was much more packed than the first. Out of bed at the crack of noon, we headed to down to the carousel bar (it goes round once every 15 minutes in case you wanted to know) at the Monteleone to meet Marvin. Pimm's Cups, Bloody Mary's and Pisco Sours...saved our lives he did. Marvin is a man of fine humor who is very proud of his drinks.

After a couple of Po Boys, we found our way to Pat O'Briens to get out of the heat and refresh. There we met Glenn, a fine maker of Juleps, who had been working that bar for 35 years. Blew me away. The bar was exactly the opposite as the rest of the French Quarter that afternoon, empty, dark and cool. This kept us there until it was time for the Nuptials. I normally don't go for Pat O's because of the hordes of tourists pounding Hurricanes, but I couldn't picked a better bar that afternoon. Here is what we didn't drink. It does turn out however, that they do have a good rum in their house brand bottles. Pat O's has a deal with Cruzan Rum of St. Croix for their private label...not bad.

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