Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pisco Punch!!!

What a day. In the midst of the shenanigans that are San Francisco Cocktail Week (I did not participate this year due to some personal bad), a truly beautiful event took place today. My friend Diego Loret de Mola, of Barsol Pisco, took a busload of bar folk on a pilgrimage of sorts to our own City of the Dead, Colma, CA. It seems Diego and local bar historian, John Burton, had discovered the relocated grave of Duncan J. 'Pisco John' Nichol, creator of the Pisco Punch and in my opinion, the Spiritual Father of all San Francisco bartenders.

I call Mr. Nichol this not just because of his career here, but because of his style of doing business. Lets look at what the modern San Francisco bar has in common with him:

  • Unique Spirits. Pisco was clearly not a widespread bar product in the US. There was plenty here because of the all the South American miners chasing gold, but it definitely was not a sweeping trend. Modern San Francisco bartenders are quite well known for doing the same. Have you seen how much Creole Shrubb is being poured?

  • Housemade Product. Nichol made his own pineapple gomme and kept his recipe secret. While we are not so concerned about protecting our tricks, you are not a serious bar if you don't make at least some of your own stuff these days.

  • Citrus. We like our juice out here on the Left Coast, 'nuff said.

PS. I just realized I put the pics on the wrong post. Here they are.


Anonymous said...

I was there and the trip to Nichol's tumb was cancelled because actually they didn't know where the tumb was located. Also, I don't think Barsol pisco is good at all. Good for mixing, but for drinking pure there many much better. Try ViƱas de Oro.

Neyah White said...

Dear Anon.,

You are an idiot.

You were not there. I have posted pics of the 20 of us in front of the tomb (notice the spelling... jackass.)

Also, if you know anything about Pisco, you know that the two expressions Barsol has in the US market are meant for mixing. Diego is hoping to get the more refined spirits repackaged and into the US by next year.

So, if your goal was to call me out, at least put your name on the post. If your goal was to promote Vinas de Oro, well you just made them look immature and unprofessional.

Good job either way!

Jim B. said...

Where are the pics of Nichol's tomb posted?
BTW, if you read the original poster's comment carefully, you'll see that he made the exact same assertion that you made: that Barsol pisco is only good for mixing, which is Ok.
Jim B.