Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Orleans Part 4

Now, we get down to some serious drinking. Mr. Venegas, Mr. Ehrman and myself start out on the Carousel Bar again with Marvin. A couple of drinks in he comments on how much he loathes working on Mothers never saw three guys go for their cell phones faster. I can say that I had made prior arrangements for the Day but, a call was definatly in order.

Afterwards we had a solid lunch (yup, po boy number 3 for me) at Café Maspero and headed out for more drinkin'. Fortunately, we had a respectable plan, a New Orleans Original Cocktail Tour with Mr. Joe Gendusa. Joe himself is the original, a native, from the family that perfected the bread for my beloved po boys. Rather than give a total spoiler for the tour, I will just say that it is in itself, worth the cost of the whole trip. Joe walked us through a three and a half hour documentary on one of the most intriguing cities in the Country. The one highlight I will share relates to the pic above. As we were walking the last bar on our tour. Joe stops in front this building and tells us in a very reverential tone that without this building, we would not be together at that moment. This was the site of the Sazerac Coffee House, the birthplace of the cocktail. I had walked by this building a couple of times each day since I had been there and had no idea... I almost cried.

The quote that endeared this man to me forever: "This is not just a tour for me. This is my home."

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