Thursday, August 09, 2007

We have decided to focus on cucumber for the rest of August on THE LIST. We have an abundance of them in the restaurant and they are very accesible to the average guest. Lemon Cucmbers in particular seem to give up their essence readily in drinks without too much muddle-work. We recently had a Cucumber/White Pepper Caipirhinia at Cantina which was very clean and easy drinking. This confirmed my idea.
A Pimm's Cup seems to given as an introduction to the section. We personally don't add gin to the drink, donating a healthy pour of Pimm's and letting that be that. I know this is probably not the most traditional drink, but it sure goes over well when it is well dressed with fruit and herbs.
Second, we worked out a riff on a Dark and Stormy called a Light and Breezy. Muddled cucs with Rhum Agricole, Ginger Beer and some fresh Fennel fronds (are they fronds? They certainly don't look like leaves.)
Third will be something with Benedictine as that seems to love Cucumber Oil.
More Later