Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Jamie Boudreau is cool.

I have only met him a couple of times and never really got down to chat, but he is cool. He is a great writer, a brilliant photographer and I assume a great bartender as his knowledge and taste are both becoming legendary.

The latest update on his blog (put it on your leaves me a bit twisted.

I have both the urge to lay down some snide comments and to congratulate him as well as thank him for saving a program in an historic bar.

I will do both.

Tini Bigs!?! That's just great. I hear Todd Smith is teaming up with Jimmy Meehan and pulling some shifts at respective local Cheesecake Factories.

Seriously, what a great opportunity to evangelize and make a beautiful bar respectable again. Good luck.

How'd that come off?


Anonymous said...

Good for him-if anyone can turn that place around, it's Jamie Boudreau.

Good for him for taking on a challenge, and his teaser menu looks amazing!

Dominic said...

HAHAHHAHA!! Todd would be more Grand Luxe!

vader42 said...

You pulled it off well, Neyah, not to worry.

dronen said...

It sounded very professional and not cranky, not to worry!