Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bottle Caddy

A pretty new toy at The Teardrop Lounge! The boys have unveiled their latest weapon in the war against the unorganized backbar. A smart and sleek bottle caddy for all their house-made product. I am absolutely in love with it. Keeping all my toys straight is tough on busy shifts and I think we can all agree that nothing looks worse than bottles scattered all over a work-station (at least to OCD freaks like myself anyway.)
I had a chance to visit the guys in Portland back in October and I cannot overstate how gracious they were. Their concept is fairly extreme and I am usually wary of those that try to be all things to all people. Often times large programs overreach and are unable to execute well. Not the case here at the Teardrop. The bar looks like a laboratory-in-the-round and is loaded with the tools to yield drinks both whimsical and intense. What I enjoy most is the sense of history they infuse their drinks without being stodgy or stiff. The combination of David, Daniel and Ted's (apologies to the young lady I met my last night for not remembering her got kind of late out that evening) knowledge, passion and sense of hospitality results in a beautiful and seemingly effortless elegance.
Highly Recommended!

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kittykat said...

oh why didnt we think of an organizer sooner. i hate being behind the curve ball. how about these or something similar