Monday, April 21, 2008

Palo Santo Marron...One Funky Beer

I received a mixed pack of Dogfish Head beer to sample last week and just got around to tasting some of them. They all were quirky and cool, but the Palo Santo Marron really impressed me. I vaguely recalled hearing of the wood before and a co-worker who is well-versed in South American stuff described it as an incense wood. Well, I went to Wikipedia to see if there was anything anecdotal and low and behold, Dogfish Head is mentioned in the article!

The beer is oily, toasty and high in booze, yet finishes with a little menthol-type feeling. I was reminded of varnish after the first sip, but subsequent drinking revealed a sweet balance. Powerful and elegant, two of my favorite words, in what is now one of my favorite beers.

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