Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So we have playing around with Anchor Distilling's Genevieve recently. This beautiful bottle garners many questions from guests, a portion of which will inevitably order it with tonic. We pretty much think this is gross, so we needed a quick 'go-to' cocktail to twist it into.
The first one that worked out great was the French 75. We prefer this cocktail served in a flute (I just can't get my head around ice and wine in the same glass). The maltiness of the Genever shows very well when tempered by sparkling wine and seems much less aggressive with lemon.
The second came about when I had a guest order it in a Martini. The conversation was going very well till the guy exposed himself as a cocktail tourist by throwing the word 'dirty' at the tail end. I knew this wasn't going to be good, so I used the force and moved him on to an idea that had been forming as we talked. Genevieve sits kind of fatty on the tongue, so I wanted something to cut through that wasn't acid. Grappa was the answer. Equal parts Genever, Dry Vermouth and Grappa (I really don't think it matters what it is made of in this instance, sure they will be different, but certainly not better). Stirred and garnished with a generous zest of lemon, I call it the Resistance

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