Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New kid on the pretty fantastic.

The San Francisco World Spirit thingy just convened and there were a couple of cool aspects this year. Firstly, Absinthe....'nuff said. Secondly, a cachaca won best in show for white spirits. I was very surprised when I heard this a few days ago. Seeing as how I have anounced that we are in a gin boom, I kind of figured everyone else would go along with me. Weber Hauz has put their sandaled foot down however and done it a very smooth way. I was able to taste their white today and it blew me away (the pic above is an old bottle, the new package is great.
The nose is grassy and malty, kind of reminding me of a brewery. I can only think that that must be the yeast coming through. It is bottled kind of light at 38% so I will not sing the praises of it's smoothness yet, but I will talk about how clean it is....It is very clean. The 'funk' level is very low and there is a great grassiness on the finish.
I also tasted a 4 year aged in Brazilian oak and balsam. It was a little weird for me personally (kind of minty), but a very well made spirit for sure. I understand they just got their organic certification for process, not just the ingredients (pay attention Rain!). All in all, I am pretty impressed.
There are shipping direct at the moment, but should have distribution soon and I am predicting great things.

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