Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lifted shamelessly from the Modesto Bee:

Looks like there is another American Gin coming to a cocktail glass near you, New Amerdam. It seems Gallo is getting in on the 'gin-boom" (yeah, I just made that up) we seem to be in. In the last 5 years we have seen Sarticious, No. 209, Aviation, Junipero (I am actually not sure when Anchor started selling this, but it was new to me 5 years ago), Blue Coat, North Shore, g'Vine, DH Krahn, Death's Door, Leeds, Dogfish Jin and Rehorst Milwaukee Gin come to market. Historically speaking, this has got to be some kind of record. If this happened every 5 years we'd be swimming in the stuff.

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Rick Dobbs said...

Plus Bulldog, Right gin, Damrak, Zuidam, and Brecon Special reserve and I'm sure that I still don't have all of them.

Gin is the new vodka.