Friday, June 13, 2008

What is going on in Greece?

I was just alerted to a new service by GfK (a Greek marketing concern...I think) that tracks, in depth, the drinking patterns of their islands' clubs and bars. There are two points that really blow me away.

Firstly; Whisk(e)y out sells vodka!!!

Whisky: The "hard spirits" leader
With more than 10,000 bars and clubs in Greece, when the sun goes down, the nightlife begins… and with a contribution share of 40% and almost 10 million litres of on premise consumption, Whisky is the leading category among the "hard spirits" categories (e.g. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila and Liqueur), placing Greece in the Top 10 markets of Scotch Whisky globally. This percentage is greater during Christmas, where the seasonality of the category reaches its peak with 45%.


Secondly; Sweet, sweet agave.

In 6th place among the top 10 Tequila markets worldwide is the small country of Greece! This is a result of treating tequila shots along with long drinks being very common in bars. During recent years, the plentiful supply of agave has increased the production of Tequila and its strong growth has also come to Greece, with the category increasing by 3%.

This is just plain amazing to me. I wouldn't have thought there would any tequila in average Greek bar.

Democracy, olives and now good booze... I love Greece.

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