Monday, June 09, 2008

Imbibe wins James Beard Award

The hits just keep coming for David Wondrich. His book Imbibe!, has been much revered in cocktailian circles since day one, which was to be expected. A serious and scholarly look at the 'Grandfather-of-us-all' could not help but be a success with us. I was pleasantly surprised however, when I saw Mr. W on Late Night with Conan O'Brien promoting it. How much more mainstream can you get? Well the book is going even further and I couldn't be happier.

Mr. W has been awarded the James Beard Foundation Book Award for Wine and Spirits writing! Not that I keep up with these awards too much, but I have to think that it is a unique thing to have a cocktail book honored by the Beard Foundation.

In keeping with my conservative skepticism concerning the explosive growth of cocktail culture, I will say that this book is righteous and its' popularity (and hopefully readership) is working wonders to improve the industry as a whole by bringing to the forefront our roots and original techniques. Everyone should buy it. Every bartender should read it, front to cover, at least twice.

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