Monday, July 13, 2009

Home From Tales

It felt like the last day of summer camp yesterday, well all wanted to the the party going, but were also quite ready to get back to our lives...and some more reasonable ambient temperatures. Tales of the Cocktail 2009 was every thing it should be, i.e. a complete mess. The schedules were ambitious at best, the drinks were exactly what most of us spend our days preaching against and brands reared their ugly sides repeatedly. However, going through all this with a couple of hundred of you closest friends is just plain priceless. Like last year, I will just list the highlights.

-Morgenthaler, Thrasher, Alperin (mohawked!), Wondrich, Kalkofen, Gonzalez, Clarke, Gomez and myself on stage.

-Luke, August and Chochon

-Raw tasting room (tremendous!)

-The mighty women of LUPEC (I say gawDAM, I love those girls)

-Beefeater & Hendrick's: Back-to-back great times

-Bee Sweet Cupcakes

-The boys from LA

-The folks from Seatle

-The fools from Portland

-The guys from Chicago

-My friends from New York

-All the people from San Francisco I have to to New Orleans in order to hang out with

-The perpetual meet-and-greet in the Monteleone lobby

-Late night at the Old Absinthe House

-all the stuff I missed but kept hearing about

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