Monday, September 29, 2008

Cougar Bourbon

I just had a friend ask me about Cougar Bourbon. I had never heard of it so naturally, I get to digging. As best I can tell it is an Aussie-only brand that is contract distilled in Indiana at the old Seagram's distillery that Pernod-Ricard purchased then sold to Angostura's parent company, CL Financial. I have absolutely no clue to how it is, I am just posting it because I think it is fascinating that there is still more whiskey out there to discover.
Also, here is an ad I found on youtube...not bad.

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Anonymous said...

its a pretty standard Bourbon, use to be a bit more popular a few years back but youll be asking for much to find it on call at a bar.

Aussie may drink alot but most and undereducated on choices and with the choice between that or jim beam, jim beam will win all the time