Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sherry Invasion

Yesterday was clearly Sherry Day in San Francisco with Cesar Saldana, The Consejo Regulador (aka Head Sherry Guy), Steve Olson and Crew and the Sherry Council in town. We hosted an educational seminar during the day and I helped Tablehopper out with an underground supperclub style dinner at night.

James Stolich and his crew made a fabulous meal with some great tapas to start and Sherry in every course that followed. I made a batch of Sherry Shrubs to start which was cool, but I was quite proud of the closing cocktail, Barrel to Barrel.

It is a drink I developed for a wine barrel/whisky seminar I did at the Great American Distillers Festival in Portland a few weeks ago. The idea was to draw on the traditional relationship between Jerez and Scotland and the influence Sherry has had on the flavor profile of Scotch.

I think it's just dandy.

Barrel to Barrel
1 oz. Islay Single Malt
1 oz. Oloroso Sherry
1/4 oz. Nocino
1/4 oz. PX Sherry
cinnamon bitter (or Angostura)

orange peel garnish

James took a nifty video of me finishing the drinks and I promptly lifted it from his site. Thanks dude.

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