Friday, October 30, 2009

Dealing with the Angostura shortage.

How a certain whiskey bar in San Francisco is dealing with the Angostura shortage.


Anonymous said...

The good news is (1) Angostura has begun shipping again! and (2) they also are now producing an Orange Bitters too!

Neyah White said...


Where did you read this? I have not seen anything yet.

Also, we have had plenty of the orange bitters for about a year now and there are loads in stock everywhere so we are cool on that front.


Rick Dobbs said...

Here you go, Neyah:

jennifer colliau said...

While I adore Ango proper, I wish Ango Orange didn't taste like Tang. I'll pony up the extra for the Bitter Truth.

Mr. Manhattan said...

@Jennifer: have you gotten a hold of any Scrappy's orange? - Michael