Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ringling was Rye Man

The Wall Street Journal ran a cool piece on the personal rail cars of two prominent Floridians, Henry Morrison Flagler (railroad guy) and John Ringling (circus guy.) I liked the following bit.

Taylor Gordon, Mr. Ringling's valet and steward on the Wisconsin (he later became a singer and part of the Harlem Renaissance), recalled his days aboard the car in his memoir, "Born to Be." "[Ringling] gave me orders to get the car in shape . . . and stock up heavy with special things like Pilsner beer, Poland Water and White Rock; special foods like Virginia Hams and Summer Brothers' products that could not be brought on the road -- also liquors." (From a bill of lading for the Wisconsin's inaugural journey, we know that Ringling preferred rye whiskey.)

Me too folks, me too.

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