Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Master of Time and Space....and Spanish wine.

I have had a big couple of months (moving sort of hindered my regular blogging groove, but I am back) on every front of my life.

Professionally, I won a couple of competitions that I am pretty excited about. Firstly, the Vinos de Jerez invitational which meant cash, a trip to Spain and most important of all, a full scholarship to the BAR. Secondly, a cava cocktail contest I entered months ago just ended and I won a hand-painted porron to celebrate with! I know, I know, it says Chris D. won, he was kind of enough to alert me to the contest and submit the recipes for me.
Just waiting for Rioja and Portugal to get on board with cocktail contests so I can wrap up the whole of Iberia and get on with world domination. Look out Andora, I got my eye on you too.

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